Guest Speakers


INSPIRED guest speakers are globally sourced champions of inspiration, each with a unique, motivating and heartwarming story to tell. Prepare to be wowed by some of the most inspiring humans on the planet.

More special guest speakers to be announced.


MC of the entire Inspired weekend

Geno Stampora

MC of the Inspired weekend, Geno Stampora is a veteran stylist and business guru with a captivating speaking style. His irrepressible energy sets the tone for an uplifting weekend.




fight and passion

Britt Churchill

International model and health and wellness enthusiast, Britt Churchill shows us the fight and passion required to overcome any obstacle. Listening to her will give you a new perspective and outlook on life.



Sara Harvey

A leading instructor in the practice of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, conscious communication, and authentic leadership, Sara is the founder of innertelligence, whereby she trains leaders to access and apply the systems and resources that are innate, yet untapped.


doing what it takes

Derek Anthony

Desire, willingness to learn, doing what it takes: Derek’s commitment to these values sets him apart as a business owner and human. Fuel up to power your own success with Derek’s unmatched drive.



David Kinigson

A spokesperson for excellence, professionalism, service and integrity, David Kinigson is a celebrated educator and thought-leader whose career spans four decades.




Nick Arrojo

Owner and founder of America’s biggest, most celebrated and successful wholly independent hairdressing brand, Nick Arrojo’s force of nature makes anything possible, in the best of times, in the worst of times.



community, togetherness & support

Megan McDowell

As a licensed therapist and visionary, Megan McDowell inspires people to live with more purpose and less distraction, guiding people to use their own life experiences to bring healing to the world around them.



Best Self

Craig Lucas

Craig is the Founder of Authenica, described as the "go to" platform for self-discovery and activation of human potential. His immersive, interactive approach seeks to elevate and challenge those who attend.


Creative Hairdressing Presentation

Lina Arrojo & Paul Merritt

Featuring the release of the ARROJO Trend ’20 Collection, the Creative Hairdressing Presentation reveals our new trends and techniques, shapes and styles for the very first time. Bare witness to a trailblazing new direction from America’s most Inspired collective.


T.R.Y. Star Barbershop

Peter Turnley

Peter Turnley’s photographs feature on the cover of Newsweek forty-three times and are published in the world’s most prestigious publications. He has worked in over ninety countries and has witnessed most major stories of international geopolitical and historic significance in the last forty years. Among others, he has photographed Obama, Castro, Gorbachev, Lady Diana, and Pope Jean Paul II.